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120 West Harvest Drive
Lincoln, NE, 68521
United States

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Lincoln, NE - Fall Rotating League

A four-week league rotating at the four Lincoln City 18-hole golf courses.

2018 Fall Rotating League



9 Holes. Two-Man Scramble. Match Play.  

All players will play from the BLUE tees. 



W1: September 18 at Mahoney
W2: September 25 at Holmes
W3: October 2 at Highlands
W4: October 9 at Pioneers

Start time:

Shotgun start at 5:30 p.m. for the first two weeks, and 5:00 p.m. for the last two weeks. 



Each week you'll be competing against another team in a match play contest.  The winning team for each match will be eligible for weekly prizes, based on random selection.  Staff will do their best to pair your team against comparable players for the first two weeks. The second and third weeks' pairings will be determined by flighting (see below).


Flights for league play will be determined after two weeks and will be based on the best score from the first two weeks. Where there is a tie in best score, the average of the two weeks will be used to break the tie.

The final week of Fall Rotating league will feature a head-to-head matchup between the first and second place teams in each flight. These teams will be determined by the total of their best two scores from weeks 1-3.  Stated another way, we are throwing out each team’s worst score from weeks 1-3 in order to calculate final matchups (e.g. if you shot 35, 40, 35, your team would have a total of 70). Again, any ties will be broken using the average of the first three weeks.  Please note: the championship matchup will be handicapped based on the average of each team’s best two scores for the first three weeks (e.g. if team one had a total of 70 (35 per nine) and team two had a total of 72 (36 per nine), team one would give team two 1 stroke in the final matchup).  The winner of this head-to-head matchup will win their flight.  The loser will finish in second.

Teams that don’t make it to the championship matchups will be paired against another team for the final week.  Like the championship matchup, each team will be competing in a handicapped matchup, head-to-head, based on each team’s best two scores for the first three weeks. Four winners of these matchups will be randomly selected for payouts and prizes. This means every team has a chance at a payout, even through the last round.

If you team only has one player, that player may hit two shots up to 100 yards from the green. If your team uses a substitute, you will not receive strokes from an opponent, but will still be required to give strokes to an opponent with a higher scoring average.


$70 per golfer, backed by the CBGL guarantee (green fees and cart fees NOT INCLUDED).


The retail value of the items distributed during and after the league will exceed the fees collected.  In this league, each golfer will receive one free featured draft beer each night, one catered league dinner, weekly beer tasting and weekly beer education. League members will also be eligible for numerous flag prizes, league winner prizes (including brewery tours for 8-10 with growler fills) and league payouts.

As a bonus from our sponsor, GolfStatus, all league members who use the GolfStatus app during this league will receive free entry into a season-ending GolfStatus 18-hole tournament ($100 value, includes green fee and cart, location and dates to be announced). 

Featured Beers:

Each week, we will have featured craft beers on tap and in the beverage cart.


Prizes and payouts will be awarded to the top teams in each flight.  Top teams will also win a private brewery tour for 8-10 people (including growler fills) at one of the local breweries. 

Each week, we will have a minimum of two pin prizes.

Sponsors and Featured Breweries:

Moran's Liquor Works, K&Z Distributing, GolfStatus and more...  We have limited sponsorship opportunities available. If you are interested in being a sponsor, please contact us.

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