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CBGL 2019 Week 16


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CBGL 2019 Week 16

Jason Meininger

Another great week of golf and craft beer is upon us. We’re coming at you this week with a fresh batch of beers from Lincoln’s own Zipline Brewing Co. We’ll kick things off with Alpha Modern, a delicate, hazy, session IPA that’s insanely hopped, yet somehow manages to offer low alcohol and a balanced experience that doesn’t sacrifice body or flavor. A dry-hopped brew, Alpha Modern has a signature grapefruit aroma and a mellow, juicy drinking experience—perfect for summer. If citrus notes strike your fancy, you’ll also want to check out tonight’s samples of Zipline’s Eldorillo Hazy IPA, a New England-style IPA with notes of orange. If you’re looking for something a little heavier, be sure to take a sample of Zipline’s rich, dark chocolaty Oatmeal Porter. Subtle hints of coffee and rolled oats round thigns out for a rich and robust beer that’s the stuff porter dreams are made of.


As always, special thanks to GolfStatus for bringing us CBGL every week, and to our sponsors at K&Z Distributing, Zipline Brewing Co. and Moran’s Liquor Works.