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CBGL 2019 Week 14


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CBGL 2019 Week 14

Jason Meininger

It’s looking like perfect golf weather for CBGL this week. Couple of excellent beers on tap for you all. Get excited for White Elm’s Gimmie Helles Lager—a Zwickle-style unfiltered German lager made with German-grown Pilsen malt hops. It’s a surprisingly easy-to-drink beer with an almost fruity finish. We’ll also be sampling White Elm’s Skinny Legs, which presents juicy hops with hints of melon, stonefruit, bright citrus, and peach, as well a subtle hints of resin pine.


Shout out to GolfStatus, which makes CBGL possible, and to our sponsors at K&Z Distributing, Zipline Brewing Co. and Moran’s Liquor Works.