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1/2 Way Championship Week


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1/2 Way Championship Week

Ryan Cooper

We’re at the halfway mark for Craft Beer Golf League, which means—championship week! We’ll host dinner at this week’s leagues (fried chicken, baked beans, potato salad, chips, fruit, and cookies). Glassware will be awarded to the top three finishers in each flight, and brewery tours will be awarded to the winning team in each flight, plus we’ll have lots of flag prizes—all brought to you by Moran’s Liquor Works, K&Z, and GolfStatus.

Monday will be heavy on the IPAs for the Highland’s league with Zipline’s original India Pale Ale and White Elm’s Inverted Citra featured this week. Zipline’s IPA overflows with hops and a blend of tropical citrus, grapefruit, and mango aromas. Inverted Citra is White Elm’s hazy Imperial IPA. Originally brewed for the brewery’s first anniversary, this hoppy, juicy brew tastes of candied oranges.

The beer selection for Monday has been curated by Josh Fiedler from Perfect Pour magazine. Be on the lookout this fall for the opening of Pour Craft Beer and Spirits. The taproom, which will be located at 70th and Pioneers, is a project from Fiedler and Tim Oehlerking (both fixtures of the local craft beer community) that will feature 24 rotating local and international craft beers on tap as well as high-end spirits. Pour Craft Beer and Spirits is scheduled to open in September.

On tap for Tuesday’s Holmes league is Zipline’s Wakatu Pilsner, which is brewed with Wakatu
hops from New Zealand and cask-conditioned on Champagne yeast and honey from the UNL
Bee Lab. This refreshing beer has hints of juicy pineapple and a crisp herbaceous finish. We’ll
also be sampling Nut Brown and Hibiscus Saison from Zipline. Nut Brown is an English-style
brown ale brewed with golden, amber, and brown specialty malts that impart a blend of hazelnut
and caramel flavors. Hibiscus Saison is a tart, light-bodied sessionable farmhouse ale that gets its
unique color from the addition of hibiscus flowers.