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2017 Fall League Week 1


We're just getting started. Check back for our first blog posts.


2017 Fall League Week 1

Ryan Cooper

Hello, golfers! Welcome to the fall Craft Beer Golf League blog! I'm Rob, and I'll be choosing your pin prizes each week and writing a quick little blog post highlighting the beer prizes and beer options for purchase and tastings each week.

Moran's Liquor Works has been a great sponsor for us each of our leagues. Each week they provide one bomber pin prize that I hand pick myself, and one growler pro kit for use in their tap room. If you're not familiar with Moran's, make sure you make an effort to get over there. They have an extensive craft beer selection, and their tap room/growler shop is a great place to meet a friend to try some new beers. For the bomber pin prize this week, I selected a Black Butte XXIX from Deschutes Brewery, out of Bend, OR. This is their 29th Anniversary Porter. It was brewed with cocoa, cinnamon, cayenne, and aged in bourbon and rum barrels. This is one of the beers I look forward to trying each year, as each year has a different recipe. These are pretty fun to cellar for a few years, and collect a version from each year to do a vertical tasting to see how they differ from year to year. Ryan and I shared one of these last night during our fantasy football draft, and it did not disappoint. The cinnamon and cayenne additions were perfectly reserved. It's easy to overdo spice additions in beers and this one was nicely done.

At the end of the season, we host a Rare Beer Dinner.  Each week we randomly select one golfer who uses the GolfStatus app to check in at the course during league night. This dinner will feature many rare beers that are very limited; they take some real effort to find when they are available. There will be food pairing suggestions for tasting alongside each beer style. These are a lot of fun, so make sure you get checked in on the app each week for your chance to win! One of the featured beers will be a 2016 Bourbon County Brand Stout from Goose Island out of Chicago. This is the original barrel aged beer that started a major movement in the beer industry. It's still considered by many to be the best Bourbon Barrel Stout on the market, with a world-class rating of 100 on It goes on sale each year on Black Friday, and the beer nerds among us all line up outside our favorite bottle shops to get a chance to purchase our allotment. Most shops will limit purchases to only two to four bottles, to make sure as many people get their shot at them as possible.

We have two distributor sponsors that will rotate each week for our on-tap beers and beer cart cans for sale. For the first week at Pioneers, Quality Brands of Lincoln will start us off with Fest Bier, an Oktoberfest, from Goose Island Beer Co. Grab your ticket for your free pour when you check in. On the beer cart, you'll find cans of Goose Island IPA, and Dales Pale Ale from Oskar Blues, out of Colorado.