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Fall CBGL W#3


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Fall CBGL W#3

Ryan Cooper

Hello, golfers! Looks like we have another amazing day of golf weather for league this week at Holmes.

For our pin-prize from Moran's Liquor Works this week, I grabbed a bomber of Farking Wheaton w00tstout from Stone Brewing, out of California. This is my favorite beer that Stone brews, and it's usually fairly limited in numbers when we see it. This year we seem to have a better supply than the previous two years, so if this sounds like your kind of beer, head over to Moran's and grab yourself a bottle. This is a collaborative beer between Drew Curtis, the creator of; Wil Wheaton, actor and blogger; and Greg Koch, the CEO of Stone Brewing. It's an Imperial Stout brewed with pecans, wheat, rye, and aged in bourbon barrels. This one will age well if you want to hang on to it for colder weather, or if you want to hang on to it until next year to do a side by side comparison between the next batch.

Our featured beer this week for the Rare Beer Dinner Check-in Sweepstakes is Darkness from Surly Brewing, out of Minnesota. Darkness is the flagship Russian Imperial Stout of the brewery. It is very limited and usually flies off the shelves once the beer nerds hear that it's been delivered. Surprisingly, the first batch of Darkness wasn't well received initially, and it sat around on tap at a local restaurant for almost four months before more people started trying it. Since then, it has grown into one of the most highly anticipated beer releases from Surly, and there is a festival (Darkness Day) each year to celebrate its release. It comes in with a world-class rating of 96 on The next batch is due out in October, so do your research and get on waitlists now if you want to grab yourself a bottle.

For your included beer to start the round this week, K&Z Distributing has a keg of Skinny Legs, an IPA from our hometown White Elm Brewing. They will have a representative at the course pouring tastings of some of White Elm's other offerings. While we're on the subject of White Elm, Ryan and I were out there last night for their tapping of their Year One anniversary stout. It's a remarkable beer, and quite impressive that they knocked it out of the park with one of their first beers brewed. This won't be around for long, so get yourself over to their taproom and try it for yourself while you still can.