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Fall Rotating League W#2


We're just getting started. Check back for our first blog posts.


Fall Rotating League W#2

Ryan Cooper

Hello, CBGLers! We hope everyone had a great time in week one at Pioneers. Looks like we have another week of great fall golf weather, this time at Mahoney.

For our pin-prize from Moran's Liquor Works this week, I have selected a Bretta Weisse from Firestone Walker, out of California. Firestone Walker is a very high profile brewery that the folks at K&Z Distributing worked hard to bring to Nebraska last year, and all of us beer nerds rejoiced when it happened. Their Proprietor's Reserve and Barrelworks series of beers are highly regarded and sought out. Bretta Weisse is a Berliner Weisse style wheat beer from their Barrelworks program, brewed with Brettanomyces yeast and aged in French oak foeders. This is a slightly tart and funky, lighter beer, perfect for warmer summer days. These beers don't generally stick around for long once they hit the shelves. If this sounds like a beer you're interested in, Moran's still had a decent stock on their shelf as of Monday, so stop by to grab one while you can, or better yet, stick a killer golf shot and win it today!

Our featured beer this week for the Rare Beer Dinner Check-in Sweepstakes is Black Note Stout from Bell's Brewery, out of Michigan. This is Bell's flagship stout, a mixture of their Expedition Stout and Double Cream Stout, aged in bourbon barrels. This is a beer you have to do your research on, and be in the know, in order to get your hands on a bottle or two when it's released. It is released to most markets in very limited quantities and sells out as soon as they hit the shelves (i.e. if they even make it out to the shelves). Many places require you to be on a waiting list if you want to buy Black Note because the demand is so high. Black Note comes in with a world-class rating of 99 on Because no one knows when we'll see more in Lincoln, make sure to check in on the GolfStatus app for your chance to win a spot at the Rare Beer Dinner and enjoy this phenomenal beer!

For your included beer to start the round this week, K&Z Distributing will have an IPA from our hometown Zipline Brewing. There will also be someone on the beer cart pouring tastings of Zipline's Gin Barrel Aged Hibiscus Saison.