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2nd Half Week 7 Beers


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2nd Half Week 7 Beers

Ryan Cooper

Hello, golfers! Happy Eclipse Day! Hope everyone still has their eyesight intact. 

Our pin prize from Moran’s this week is Coconut Porter from Avery Brewing out of Colorado. This beer was aged in bourbon barrels, and packs a punch at 10% ABV.  It would be a great bottle to share with some friends as an after-dinner dessert beer. I've been waiting awhile to see this one pop up here in Lincoln, so I was pretty excited when it showed up a couple weeks ago. For all of you Mounds bar lovers, I'd recommend stopping by Moran's to grab yourself a bottle.

Our featured beer for the Rare Beer Dinner Check-in Sweepstakes is Supa' Sumo from Toppling Goliath Brewing, out of Decorah, IA. Toppling Goliath is well known for their world-class Pale Ales, and IPAs, and this double IPA is getting rave reviews. This is the first batch ever for this beer, and some are calling it their best IPA they've ever made. I haven't even had a chance to try this one yet, so I'm very excited to get to try it at the end of the week and at Rare Beer Dinner #3.

For the Highlands league this week, K&Z has us lined up with Founder's Brewing, out of Michigan. On tap, we'll have Mosaic Promise, an American Pale Ale, brewed with Mosaic Hops and Golden Promise malt. On the beer cart, we're scheduled to have tastings of Mango Magnifico, and DKML, if it's still available.

At the Holmes league, Quality Brands will have a trio of beers from Nebraska Brewing, down the road in Omaha. On tap, we'll have their newly released batch of Wick For Brains, their seasonal Pumpkin Ale. On the beer cart, you'll find cans of Cardinal Pale Ale, and IPA, for tastings and purchase.

As always, make sure to check in on the GolfStatus app for your chance at winning a seat at one of our Rare Beer Dinners.

Photo Credit: Josh Fiedler, 2017 Eclipse from Lincoln Nebraska.