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Week #7 Beers & Info

Jason Meininger

Hello golfers! Looks like we have a couple of hot days of weather this week, especially on Monday. Make sure to stay hydrated, and factor in the effects of heat and alcohol content while enjoying your craft beers out there this week.


Our pin prize from Moran’s this week is Duchesse De Bourgogne from Brouwerij Verhaeghe, out of Belgium. This is one of the classic sour beers that all beer nerds must try at some point in their life. It's a Flanders Red Ale. This is a style of sour beer entirely different from other sour beers we've featured so far this season. This one falls closer to the vinegar spectrum than the tart fruit sours we've previously had for prizes. This was the first beer I ever had that falls on the sour spectrum, and it remains one of my favorites. I recommend opening it up to share with a friend or two, just in case you find this isn't a style of beer that suits your palate.


Our featured beer for the Rare Beer Dinner Check-in Sweepstakes is another fantastic offering from Firestone Walker, Stickee Monkee. This is another beer from their Proprietor's Reserve series, and my personal favorite of the bunch. Firestone Walker calls this a Central Coast Quad, their own take on the classic Belgian quadrupel style, but aged in spirits barrels. This beer drinks almost like an English barleywine, with its sweet, caramelly flavor. This bottle would be a perfect option for after dinner. It comes with a world-class rating on, and usually takes some real effort to track down for purchase, as bottles usually fly off the shelf when they are released. We should be seeing some bottles hit the Lincoln market very soon, so get ready for the hunt.


For the Highlands league this week, K&Z will be setting us up with some beers from Lucky Bucket, out of La Vista. On tap, we'll have Belly Flop, their American Blonde Ale. On the cart, you'll find tastings of their IPA and Lager. These are all light selections that make for perfect hot weather beers.


At the Holmes league, Quality Brands has some brews from Oscar Blues, out of Colorado. On tap, we'll have Fugli, an American IPA, with yuzu and ugli fruit. On the cart you'll be able to taste and purchase cans of Dale’s Pale Ale, and Old Chub, a Scotch ale with a higher alcohol content.


Make sure to check in on the GolfStatus app for your chance at winning a seat at one of our Rare Beer Dinners. Happy golfing!