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Halfway Playoffs & More

Ryan Cooper

The halfway point has arrived.  Next week, we will wrap up the first half with playoffs, a free league dinner, payouts, glassware and prizes.  Please remember, no subs are allowed in playoff matches.  These matches will be handicapped and will be strict match play, no bonus points for match total will be added.  In other words, the first team to 5 points wins.  Teams will play extra holes if they end in a tie.  Here are your playoff matches:


  First Flight

·      First Place Match:  Mohl/Fervert (+1) vs. Cox/Sone

·      Third Place Match: Smith/Dunigan vs. Suggitt/Perkins (+1)

·      Fifth Place Match:  Mead/Beal vs. Pavich/Jeffres (+3)

·      Seventh Place Match:  Farrell/Anderson (+1) vs. Vossler/More

  Second Flight

·      First Place Match:  Groshans/Groshans (+1) vs. Malcom/Gardner

·      Third Place Match:  Javorsky/Dawson vs. Bohlen/Watkins

·      Fifth Place Match:  Hervert/Sorensen (+1) vs. Shull Schneider

·      Seventh Place Match:  Broman/Walters vs. Timmer/Spiegel (+1)

  Third Flight

·      First Place Match:  Lamb/Phillipps vs. Heins/Holl (+3)

·      Third Place Match:  Miliken/Tieso vs. Mussman/Burbach

·      Fifth Place Match:  Gruber/Reinhardt (+1) vs. Roach/Hannon

·      Seventh Place Match:  Shaw/Bottoroff (+2) vs. Beckler/Pederson


  First Flight

·      First Place Match:  Peed/Hanzel vs. Hilger/Jenkins (+2)

·      Third Place Match:  Finegan/Taylor vs. Hansen/Harmon (+3)

·      Fifth Place Match:  Portsche/Foster vs. Nelson/Meininger (+2)

·      Seventh Place Match:  Lienemann/Graybeal vs. Blind

  Second Flight

·      First Place Match: Hutkins/Richardson (+1) vs. Cooper/Liliedahl

·      Third Place Match: Miller/Andersen vs. Ragon/Ehmen 

·      Fifth Place Match:  Bayne/Hiatt vs. Ballue/Combs

·      Seventh Place Match:  Hibler/Wiedenski (+1) vs. Barnard/Barnard

  Third Flight

·      First Place Match: Hawkins/Huff vs. Hartman/Hartman (+1)

·      Third Place Match: Vachel/Allberry (+2) vs. Roth/Knuth

·      Fifth Place Match:  Krieger/Krieger vs. Smith/Waechter (+1)

·      Seventh Place Match:  Deyle/Martinsen vs. Moore/Lempka (+2)

  Fourth Flight

·      First Place Match:  Jacobi/Wells vs. Owen/Dowd

·      Third Place Match:  Stiehl/Graham/Martin vs. Gasper/Olberding (+2)

·      Fifth Place Match:  Sveen/Pankoke vs. Mickells/Dobberpuhl (+1)

·      Seventh Place Match:  Shuurmans/Bergman vs. Harms/McArdle (+3)

After this week, we will re-flight and start the second half of league.  However, WE WILL NOT BE PLAYING ON JULY 3 or JULY 4.  The second half of league will start on July 10 (Highlands) and July 11 (Holmes) and run for eight weeks until August 28, 2017 (Highlands), and August 29, 2017 (Holmes).

As a reminder, all of the people in this league who are GolfStatus app users will be invited to a fall 18-hole tournament.  This invitation will include a free green fee and cart fee.  The date and time of the tournament will be announced later.

Enjoy your weekend, be sure to look out for more information on next week's beers, and be sure to bring your A game and appetites for the playoffs.