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Week #5 Beer & Info


We're just getting started. Check back for our first blog posts.


Week #5 Beer & Info

Ryan Cooper

Welcome to the week five CBGL beer blog!

Our pin prize from Moran’s this week is Farmer's Reserve Pluot from Almanac Beer Co. in San Jose, California. This is a sour blonde ale brewed with pluots, and aged in wine barrels. In case you've never heard of the pluot fruit, it was created from the crossbreeding of apricots and plums. Almanac is best known for their outstanding line of sour beers. They're a relative newcomer to the Lincoln market, and we beer nerds were very happy to see them show up on shelves last fall. If fruited sours are you're thing, I'd highly recommend heading over to Moran's and trying their wide range of offerings. If you're a newcomer to the sour beer, and not quite sure yet if sours agree with your palate, Almanac would be a great starting point.

Our featured beer for the Rare Beer Dinner Check-in Sweepstakes is Collage 2, a collaboration between Deschutes Brewery and Hair of the Dog Brewing Company, two of the finest breweries in Oregon. Collage 2 is a blend of four of the best beers from each brewery: Deschutes’ flagship stout, The Abyss, and flagship quadrupel, The Stoic; and Hair of the Dog's famous stout, Fred, and Doggie Claws, a barleywine. All four of these beers were aged on their own in various barrels, including pinot, oak, rye whiskey, and cognac barrels. The resulting beer is a remarkably complex beer they are listing as an American strong ale. You'll find bold flavors of cocoa, vanilla, bourbon, fig, and molasses, among others. It earned an outstanding rating of 94 on

For the Highlands league this week, K&Z has lined up another local brewery, Empyrean Brewing, to highlight. In the clubhouse, you'll find Super Nova Summer Fest, their seasonal California common/steam beer. Tastings of Barrel Aged Strawberry Lager and Long Route Peanut Butter Porter will be available on the beer cart.

At the Holmes league, Quality Brands will have some brews from Elysian Brewing and 10 Barrel Brewing. We'll have a keg of Elysian Space Dust available on tap. Space Dust is a Double IPA (DIIPA) that the brewery is best known for. For tasting and purchase on the beer carts, we'll have Elysian Super Fuzz Blood Orange Pale, and 10 Barrel Cucumber Crush.

We’re working on the first Rare Beer Dinner this week. Congratulations to all of you who checked in on the GolfStatus app for your winning entry! We'll have plenty of beer and food that will not disappoint!